Look for the green dot and enjoy unmetered usage.

"Unmetered" describes sites that are free of data charges when you download content on them on the Telstra Next G mobile network.

When you see the green dot at the top of the page, if you're a Telstra Next G customer, you won't incur data charges for any content you download from that page.

Content download and/or subscription charges may still apply e.g. when you purchase a ringtone or subscribe to Mobile FOXTEL from Telstra.

We'll notify you before content or subscription charges are incurred. Telstra has no responsibility for any charges which may apply on third party sites.

Unmetered access to the Telstra Media mobile portal does not apply when you are roaming overseas.

Data charges will apply if you access third party sites (e.g. by clicking on a third party weblink in search results), browse sites from the Web tab, browse certain sites from the My tab or when you type a URL address for a third party site into your browser. Advertisements that sit on unmetered sites you browse may count towards your usage allowance.

Telstra Media may change pages to be metered from time to time at its discretion.

Below you'll find a list of unmetered sites on the Telstra Media mobile portal: