International Roaming

You’re not currently connected to the Telstra mobile network. If you are a Telstra consumer customer, simply turn off Wi-Fi and refresh this page.

If you require urgent assistance, you can call Telstra’s 24x7 International Roaming Helpdesk on +61439125109 free of charge from a Telstra mobile service.

If you wish to check your International Roaming data usage, visit our Mobile Data Usage Meter at

Estimated voice and SMS usage and charges incurred overseas are available at Data charges apply on these websites. Alternatively press #108# to access voice and SMS usage free of charge.

To access these links, you must be signed up for Online Billing. If you are the account holder you can set up Online Billing at Data charges will apply. Please note it takes up to 72 hours for your registration request to be processed. If you are not the account holder you’ll need their permission to access and view the pre-bill information for this service before you can register. The account holder will need to contact us to give their permission on 125 109 in Australia or +61 439125109 while overseas, from a Telstra mobile service free of charge.

For all other international roaming enquiries, please contact us on the relevant phone number from below:-

If you are overseas:

You can contact Telstra’s 24x7 International Roaming Helpdesk by calling +61439125109, free of charge from a Telstra mobile service.

Call +61439125109

If you are within Australia:

- For Consumer customers, call 12 5109

Call 125109

Business customers:

- For Business customers, call 13 2000 or your Telstra Account Executive.

Call 132000

Telstra Enterprise and Government Customers:

- For Telstra Enterprise and Government customers, call 1800 730 053 or your Telstra Account Executive.

Call 18007300053

For Pre Paid Customer:

- Please activate an International Roaming Data pack via:

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