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Pay as You Go costs $2 per MB (charged per KB or part) or buy a Browsing Pack for better value.

Browsing Packs are available for both eligible post-paid and pre-paid customers starting from $5 for 5MB (cannot be used for content charges or international roaming. For post-paid customers, unused data expires each month. For pre-paid customers, unused data expires after 30 days).

Call 125 111 (post-paid) or click here (pre-paid); or visit your Telstra Shop or Telstra Dealer to sign up to a Browsing Pack today.

With 1MB of data, you could either:
Read 100 text only emails
View 8 pages on Facebook
Search Amazon for a DVD 20 times
Check your eBay bid 8 times

These are estimates only. Actual volumes/usage may vary.
Based on a 0.01MB email; 0.125MB Facebook page; 0.05MB Amazon page; 0.125MB eBay page.

Sites managed by third parties are not related to Telstra and may not work optimally on certain handsets. Telstra is not responsible for the content on these sites or any of the charges that may apply to their use (other than applicable data charges).